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mittelstadt's Journal

16 August 1956
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1. I dislike filling out forms. 2. Since 1990 I have worked s a copy editor for the Watertown (N.Y.) Daily Times, a small newspaper in northern New York State. Previously (1984 to 1990) I was a reporter for the Cortland Standard, an even smaller daily paper in central New York state. 3. I have made a few dollars here and there selling one-panel joke cartoons to magazines--an extension of a hobby I have had since early in life, when my ambition was to work for comic books. I later decided I was more writer than artist, whatever that means. 4. Born Aug. 16, 1956 in Kansas City, Mo. Lived there and in California and Michigan before moving at age 7 to Bedford, England (mother's home town) where I grew up. Returned to USA in summer 1975. Visited UK only 4 times since. 5. Was in US Army at Fort Riley, Kansas, from June 1976 to April 1979. 6. Married my sweetie, Kim, on April 30, 1994 in Watertown NY. She got me involved in community-theater musicals; I have had non-singing bit parts in a few.